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Sex Male Color Black & White
Location Newport, ME Posted 01/25/2011

Hi my name is Spencer Bruce and I am as cute as a bug! I am 10 months old. I am very playful, I love other dogs (my foster mom says to a point that I drive them crazy) and all the humans I have met. Snow is my most favorite thing in the world, next to my toys and constant attention! I am very good off lead, I know my basic obedience skills and my foster parents say I am VERY smart! I know there is a lot I can still learn and I hope to find the PERFECT forever home to teach me lots more about life and being a great dog! Now, my foster mom has a few things to say about me and she said I have to leave the room. Bye for now with lots of puppy kisses!

Foster parents, Tom and Cindy, here! Everything Spencer Bruce says is absolutely TRUE. However, this little guy does have some issues with "resource guarding". We have been working with him on his "leave it, drop it and take it" lessons, and he is doing very well. He will need to continue with this training for a very long time and therefore will need a FOREVER home with people that have a lot of experience with dogs, are willing to commit to his behavioral training with a professional and a home that does not have children (we will not adopt him out to a home with children). He needs strong leaders in his humans. In exchange for this perfect home, you will get a loyal, smart, obedient, best friend for many years to come.

Spencer Bruce

Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Orano, ME Posted 01/17/2011

My name is Hobbs, and I am 6 ½ years old and looking for my very own Forever Home.  I am currently living in the woods of Maine and I like it here because I am the only dog and so I get all of the attention, but my foster home can’t keep me or they wouldn’t be able to take other fosters.  I love to go outside and I don’t need a fenced in yard because I have no interest in running away.  I love to go for walks, and I certainly can use the exercise since my foster parents say that I could stand to lose a few pounds.  I have diabetes, which is being well controlled by insulin shots, and maybe in the future could be managed by diet and exercise.  I need help in overcoming my tendency to counter surf, but we are working on that and I am getting better in knowing my restrictions.  I would be happier in a home with no other dogs, and I’m not sure about cats, but I am very loving, easy on a leash, and delighted to go for car rides.  I don’t jump on people, and I’m a very mellow guy.  Please let me come into your heart/home.

01/26 - I received good news today when I went for my visit with my veterinarian - my blood sugar count has dropped so much that I was below normal, and I have lost 4 pounds.  I am still getting insulin shots twice a day, but the vet told my foster parents to decrease the amount of insulin, and if they continue to keep me on my diet food and exercise me I may be able to go off insulin.  I feel like I am on a starvation diet, but if that helps me to get away from those shots that will be wonderful.  My foster parents want others to know that caring for my diabetes is no big deal and you don't need to be a vet tech. in order to do it, so PLEASE consider taking me into your life.

Hobbs - Available

Sex Male Color Black & White
Location Dudley, MA Posted 08/18/2010

Murray is a happy-go-lucky, energetic, senior guy whose tail is always waggin'. Although Murray is deaf, he gets around very well. He is great with other dogs and cats and loves hanging out with his human and furry siblings. He loves to go exploring! His age hasn't slowed him down one bit and he can run pretty fast so if he is allowed loose, he will take off like the wind to find an adventure. Because of this and the fact he cannot hear, it is best if Murray's forever home has a fenced in yard to keep him safe. Another dog for companionship would be a great benefit too. This cute lovable senior has lots of life and love yet to give and to receive. Won't you consider granting this special guy's Christmas wish and gifting him with his very own forever home. He will be the gift that keeps on giving all year round by blessing your life with love and appreciation.

See his writeup on the special needs page.

Murray - Available



Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location Cornish, NH Posted 10/17/2010

My name is Sadie. I am a 10 year old female and my foster mom said I came from a shelter. While at the shelter, I had a tumor removed from my shoulder and I am feeling so much better. My foster mom says I am deaf. I am not sure what she means by that but the whole family surely waves their arms around a lot and always shows me I am a good girl with huge smiles, claps, and a belly rub.

My foster family has a another dog like me, a cat, and 2 boys that are 14 and 5. I like everyone and even if they don't like me, I don't notice because I can't hear them. My foster family thinks I will be a good fit for a home that has a well behaved dog already, because I like
to follow my foster family dog around. I do keep my foster mom in sight tho, every time I see her she waves her arm telling me to come to her, and when I go to see what she wants, I get a treat! I love treats, especially milk bone dog bones!!!

I am a very mellow dog, I like to lay around, but if you take me outside I like to walk and sniff everywhere. I like to ride in the car. I don't really know how to play fetch or any games, but I will sit pretty and lay down. I walk on a leash but I can go at a faster pace than my
foster mom, so when I get to the end of the leash, and I feel the tug, I stop and come back to her side again.

See her writeup on the special needs page.

Sadie - Available



Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Dudley, MA Posted 02/04/2011

Lucky is a big, sweet loveable 7 year old teddy bear of a dog.  He loves his foster doggy siblings and is just fascinated by horses, but he does have a high prey drive and cannot be in a home with other small animals.  Lucky is currently on a diet and getting regular exercise to help him slim down to a healthy weight.  He would need a family committed to help him continue on this path.  Lucky is not a happy boy when he is left alone – he really needs the company of his humans or other dogs.  He is scheduled to have a cyst on his eyelid removed at the end of February.  Lucky will then be available to make some family the luckiest in the world by adopting him.


Lucky - Pending Medical

Sex Male Color Black & White
Location Watertown, NY Posted 02/04/2011

Soco is a solid and healthy black and white field bred boy. Though a tad shy at first, he is very affectionate, and if you pick him up, he will gladly give you a hug and a kiss. He is from field champion lines as his pedigree has many champions on both sire and dames sides. He would make a fine gentleman's hunting companion, he is obedient, crisp on commands. Soco is social with all other dogs, but may be best suited with female companions when not supervised as he tries to dominate other males. He rides and kennels well. He is able to run off leash with solid recall. He would enjoy a family that hikes and spends time outdoors, he has a lighter coat would be easy to maintain with just head and feet trimming.


Soco - Pending Adoption

Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location Watertown, NY Posted 02/04/2011

Lady is a sweet energetic, loyal and obedient liver and white more field bred girl. She is very people oriented and affectionate. She is good with listening, friendly and concerned with the other dogs, she is a lively mother hen of sorts checking on everyone making sure they are all okay. She is social with all other dogs, comes and go's without issue, rides well. Lady is able to be left alone for periods of time, but would benefit best in a home that would give special attention to her dietary needs, continue with strict portion control and plenty of exercise for her to achieve her ideal body weight and body condition. Weekly bathing and ear cleaning to maintain her improving skin and coat condition. Lady is very much a diamond in the rough. Once she is down in weight, her coat properly maintained and groomed, she will be a very refined and pretty gal. She has boundless energy when it's play time, and loves to play fetch. But does lie down and settle well. She is a close hold dog, wants to please. Lays at your feet when working in office, yet enjoys running and exploring outdoors on off leash walks. At times she wants to be needy of and very close to her people, so after a good amount of exercise (to lower energy and loose weight) play time with her beloved ball, practicing some commands, and dinner, (in that order to keep her balanced) curling up by her master with a good book, a couch and a warm fire would be her dream come true.


Lady - Adopted!

Sex Male Color Black & White
Location Leominster, MA Posted 01/05/2011
Shiloh is a wonderful gentleman of a dog. He is about 10 years old, weighs in at 64 pounds but is a pleasure to have in the house and outside. The poor guy has been through some trauma recently having two huge fatty tumors removed from his hip. He is over that now and has a clean bill of health. He is good off leash and on and comes when he is called. He is super smart. He is a little obsessed with the cat and won't harm her but she did not put him on her Christmas list this year.  He would be great in just about any situation where he gets moderate exercise and lots of attention.
Shiloh - Adopted!

Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location Franklin, MA Posted 10/27/2010

My name is Molly.  I just celebrated my 6th birthday! I am in foster care because my owner got sick and is unable to care for me anymore.  I am a little sad about this.  Usually I am friendly, quiet, and loving.  I like to be with people.   I like to be walked on a leash but my foster family lets me outside without one.  I like to be with children.  I have met a few and like them a lot.  My foster family has a 12 year old girl who cares for me every day.  She makes me feel special. I have been around cats and they’re fine and other dogs don’t bother me once I get used to them.

I have beautiful markings and they think I may be mixed with Australian Shepard.  I have a beautiful blue eye and a lot of marbling.  My coat and nails look and feel much better now that I got groomed!

I would be very happy with anyone and I especially love children.
Molly - Adopted!

Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Grafton, MA Posted 10/26/2010

Willie is a wonderful 10 year old boy. He is currently recuperating from surgery and each day he is feeling like his old self. He loves to spend time with his foster Mom never leaving her site for a minute. From the very start, Willie has made himself right at home with his foster Springer brothers and feline brother and sister. He loves to run in the field with his brothers and responds well when he is called. Willie is such a cream puff. He would make a wonderful dog for a senior person or a young family.

See his writeup on the special needs page.

Willie - Adopted!



Color Black & White
Location Portland, ME Posted 10/11/2010

Baby Beau is a beautiful boy of only 7 months He loves people and wants to be everyone's best friend. He gets along with other dogs very well. This little boy came to the rescue with some serious resource guarding but with lots of hard work it is very much manageable His forever home should not have young kids he loves them but if they tried to take toys out of his mouth he may get upset. He loves his tennis ball but you have to play with two because he doesn't like to give it back without knowing there is another one coming. Baby Beau is a wonderful loving puppy who needs an owner with lots of time to spend on him and only him!

Baby Beau - Adopted!

Baby Beau
Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Newport, ME Posted 10/09/2010
Meet Fritz. He is a very active, loving fieldly. He is a very young 6 year old, neutered male. He is a busy boy who loves attention and needs lots of exercise. He is housebroken, asks to go out and has clearly had obedience training. He is great at catching his treats if tossed up in the air. He likes plush toys and tennis balls and loves rawhides. Due to his size, strength and activity level, he should not be adopted to a family with children under 12 to 14. He loves to ride in the car. His hunting abilities are an unknown, but his foster parents feel that with proper training, he quite possibly would become a great hunter.
Fritz - Adopted!



Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Bridgewater, MA Posted 10/04/2010

I am a 3yr old liver and white springer who lived with one family since I was a pup. I grew up a little unsure of myself and I have a tendency toward being a bit anxious in new or changing situations. My first family did not understand that I needed leadership from them to feel safe and secure so I thought I had to protect myself by growling when I was afraid. My mom was worried that over time I might learn to bite.

With training and positive reassurance I am becoming a confident fellow. My Foster family is teaching me new ways to deal with my anxiety. I am learning that there really is nothing to be afraid of. My foster mom believes that if I go to live with a family willing to continue my training in a consistent manner, I will become the best companion any person could ask for.

Will you help me be the best I can be? You will not be sorry.

Jake - Adopted!

Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location Billerica, MA Posted 09/29/2010

Phoebe is approximately 3 years old.  Rescue was called by an ACO who was caring for her.  She is high energy and loves to play ball!  She has adjusted nicely to life with her foster family which includes another dog and 2 children.  Please see her writeup on the special needs page.

Phoebe - Adopted!

Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Dudley, MA Posted 09/20/2010

AUSTIN is a highly active two year old boy who is on the go 24/7. Austin came into rescue with aggression issues due to a neglectful past. After being rehabilitated in a structured environment, Austin’s issues have disappeared. He is now a happy, stable, goofy guy who lives to play with other dogs, humans, and especially his football. He is extremely obedient and wants nothing more than to be close by his family. He loves everyone and is great with all other dogs and animals. Austin would benefit from a family or individual with older children and/or other animals. He does not like being alone so a home with other animals or someone who is home a lot would be best.
Because of his high energy level, he needs an active family who will stimulate him with plenty of exercise. His ideal home will have to be structured with strong pack leadership.

Austin - Adopted!

Sex Male Color Black & White
Location Dudley, MA Posted 09/15/2010

Fenway is a 1 1/2 yr old neutered male who is a big energetic boy and loves nothing more than to play with his furry foster siblings and his human friends. Fenway is fine with other animals including dogs of all sizes and cats. Fenway appears to be intimidating with his husky build, but he is just a big, affectionate marshmallow who loves hugs and kisses.

He is obedient and eager to please, however, he has some issues with resource guarding food and high value treats. Due to his eagerness to please, he is making progress with these issues. He will now sit politely and wait to be told that it is okay to eat. He is still working on his issues involving high value treats. In time, these behaviors will be resolved. He will need a structured home with an experienced family or individual who will be a pack leader. In exchange, Fenway will be a very stable and happy dog that will provide a family or individual with many years of companionship, friendship, respect, and love.

Fenway - Adopted!

Sex Male Color Black & White
Location Haverhill, MA Posted 09/11/2010

Beau is a 7 year old boy with a very sweet disposition who loves adults and children.  Everyone who meets him falls in love with him.   He is accepting of other dogs, submissive to an alpha but doesn't initiate play with them as his previous life was spent mostly indoors with not much attention.  As a result, we believe he'd prefer to be an only dog.   He came to us with an ear infection and kennel cough, but is now all fixed up, in good health and ready to go.   He has no food aggression issues and will  "sit" "stay" "lay down" and "come", however, the recall on come is sometimes delayed but he does get there.   He has no problem spending time in a crate when left alone, he'll bark for a short time but we found where it was a routine with us going to work, he no longer barks.   He does not see very well out of his left eye, but it doesn't slow him down.   He does not try to get on the furniture and is completely happy sleeping on his bed next to yours.  He is house trained and will bark when he needs to go out.   Beau would be happy in a home with just one or several people who would take him on good walks every day and give him lots of love.   This loyal dog would make anyone happy to be his owner.

See his writeup on the special needs page.

Beau - Adopted!

Sex Female Color Black & White
Location Methuen, MA Posted 09/05/2010

Josie is a sweet and lovable 9 year old female. She is a mellow girl who likes to lie in her comfy crate or any sunny spot around the house. Her easy daily walks are also a delight to her. She does well on a leash or stays close by when off the leash exploring the woods. Josie is a friend to everyone she meets and makes a wonderful companion. She is currently living in a foster home with 2 young humans girls and a Springer brother. Her previous family stated that Josie likes cats. Josie was surrendered to rescue because she had severe ear and skin infections. While in foster care it was discovered by a veterinarian that Josie’s infections are due to allergies and can be controlled with a grain free diet. She is now feeling so much better and looks absolutely beautiful! Josie is searching for someone to love who can give her the care and attention she deserves.

In addition to a grain free diet, Josie needs 2 medications for her incontinence and arthritis.  She is responding extremely well to her health care regimen.      

Please see her writeup on the special needs page

Josie - Adopted!

Sex Female Color Black & White
Location Newport, ME Posted 07/21/2010

Hi my name is Cindy.  I am a black & white girly, girl springer.  I am about 8 or 9 (according my Vet).  I am in good health, except I can't hear.  My vet says I have been this way a long time, if not forever.  I am a pretty calm girl, but I don't like being left alone very much.  My foster mom says I am a typical "velcro springer" (whatever that means), I just know I want to be in the same room she is in.  She says I don't bark, but quite frankly, what is there to bark about?  I am good on a leash and I love to go for walks and rides in the car.  I also like spending time out in my foster parent's garden with them.  They have a pool, but I don't want to go in.  I would love to go to a very loving "forever home" as my life hasn't been very good until now.  I have liked everybody I have met so far, but because I can't hear, I get scared if someone sneaks up on me when I am sleeping.  I like my two foster brothers, Ranger and Teddy, but they don't harass me.  I would be okay with a new brother or sister so long as they aren't really high energy.  All I really want is someone I can spend my days and nights with and snuggle with.  Can I be your special, loyal companion?

8/26/10 -  Hi, an update here from Princess Cinderella!  Just wanted to let everyone know that I am very happy and friendly, and love my foster brothers, Teddy and Ranger, so I would like a "forever" home with another doggie or two (and cats too).  My foster mom calls me Princess Cinderella because if there is a cushy bed on the floor, I am on it!  I love going for walks and following my foster mom around the house.  I am great at "observing" what is going on and content to just hang out and watch you.  I don't like being kenneled or crated, but I have been very good about being left home with my foster brothers, or with my people who are home most of the time.  I would also be a very, very good girl if you are able to take me to work with you. I would sleep by your side the whole time (on a comfy bed, of course.)  I have been to work with my foster Dad.  He works in a town office, and I was the official greeter to everyone who came in, and I didn't bark once. 

Cindy - Adopted!


Basically, I know I am sweet and lovable and don't require much except a good meal, some loving, walks and car rides.  I also like to gather up treats, put them in my bed and lay on them so my foster brothers can't find them.  I like playing ball if there is another doggie who wants to play too, but want to keep it and put it in my stash! My foster mom says I need to watch the TV show about hoarding.  Hah?  I prefer to think I am just smarter!  Oh, and this past weekend we were all out to their cottage, and my foster brothers just love swimming and I just stood on the shore and watched them, but my foster Mom picked up a stick and a bright light bulb when on in my head and I remembered that I LOVE to have a stick thrown in the water and I swim after it and bring it back so it can be thrown again!  I think I had forgotten that I REALLY do like the water!  We all had a blast and we are all very good "off leash" too.  I stay pretty close by because I can't hear, so I don't want to be out of sight of my "people". 

Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Newport, ME Posted 06/07/10

Meet Teddy. He is an 11 year old L/W Springer. Teddy came into rescue on June 5th as an owner surrender. As you can see from the pictures, Teddy suffers from severe skin infections as well as ears and eyes. He
was seen by a veterinarian on June 7th and has been diagnosed with what has been long-term, untreated hypothyroidism. This has been a significant factor in his skin, ear and eye infections which are a type of yeast and bacteria.

Teddy is a very gentle sole with the sweetest disposition and will one day soon be looking for a "forever home" with someone who is dedicated
to his care and health. He will return this with more love and affection than you could ask for.

For now, Teddy has some pretty costly veterinary care, medicines and skin treatments. Any donation you can make for helping with Teddy's care would be greatly appreciated by all at NEESSR and Teddy. Please see his writeup on our "Special Needs Dogs" page.


Teddy - Adopted!

Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Buxton, ME Posted 08/24/2010

Milo is a 2 year and 9 month old who is a very friendly and affectionate boy who loves attention and will give kisses. He craves being with people and other dogs and is having a grand time with his foster family and foster springer brother! He is obedience and crate
trained. He has been having seizures and he was turned in by his family who could no longer care for him. We have made him an appointment with a neurologist where he will be fully evaluated.

09/04 - Milo has been evaluated by a neurologist. Good news! His seizures are of the mildest form-he does not lose consciousness or become incontinent and is not hyperactive afterwards. He will need semi-annual
blood work to monitor his medications and a visit with a neurologist if there are any major changes to the length or severity of his seizures.

Milo - Adopted!

Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location Dudley, MA Posted 08/16/2010

Cocoa is a moderately energetic 7 yr old fieldy who is looking for someone to spend a lot of time playing ball with her and training her.  She would be best as an only pet.  Cocoa loves to be outside and lay in the grass with her tennis balls.  She has good house manners and just wants to be with you.  While in a shelter for 3+ weeks she picked up a habit of walking around in circles which she still continues to do, but can easily be distracted from it and needs someone to break her of this tendency, hence someone that is home often. We have checked with the shelter who checked with her previous owners and she previously did not display this behavior. We believe it is due to the stress of her transition and will improve when she finds a forever home.

Cocoa- Adopted!

Sex Male Color Black & White
Location Syracuse, NY Posted 09/15/2010

Meet Duffy aka Mr. McDuff, The Duffmeister.

Duffy's story is a sad one - his owner died and the family didn't want to care for him so two days before his 10th birthday he was brought to a shelter. Don't let his age fool you he has a lot of years ahead. Duffy LOVES to go for walks and one of his favorite things is to go for rides in the car. When he first came to his foster home he had separation anxiety. After all, he’s been through a lot in a short period of time. He lost the only home he knew; then was confined to a cold kennel in a shelter for 3 weeks; off to the vets to be neutered and finally to his foster home. Duffy is adjusting and he will sometimes still cry when we leave, but settles down pretty quickly.

A home where his humans are home more often than not would be ideal. His Foster Mom says that Duffy is true to his breed, he follows her everywhere in the house and enjoys cuddling next her with his head on her lap while watching TV. At night he sleeps in the bedroom and will go into an open crate or sleep on the dog bed. He is not destructive and can be left un-crated when you're gone. While he gets along with the resident dogs we have found out that he doesn't like other male dogs who visit. He would do well as an only dog or with another female dog. He also does like to chase cats, so a cat free home it is. Duffy's ears were very badly infected when he came in to rescue. He has been treated but will always require twice weekly ear cleanings.

Won't you find it in your heart to give Mr. McDuff the forever home he deserves?

Duffy - Adopted!



Sex Male & Female Color Liver & White
Location Needham, MA Posted 05/07/10

Lady and Boone are a 10 year old brother and sister combo that have a very sad story. Almost a year ago, their family lost their home and gave Lady and Boone to someone they trusted and believed would care for them. They returned this Spring to find the dogs chained outside with no food or water and covered in ticks. In addition, Lady had a large tumor growing in her mouth. Rescue took the dogs to the Vet and Boone was ok but Lady was heartworm positive. Please see their write-up on the Special Needs page. Rescue is hoping they will be adopted them together.

5/18 - Lady and Boone went to the groomer's, courtesy of their foster mom! They look and feel SO MUCH better!

07/31 - Lady has received her final heartworm treatment! She has been cleared by her Vet to resume all activity and is now ready for adoption.

They are content to relax around the house unless someone picks up their leashes for a walk or to play outside. They have exceptional temperaments and would be glad to share their food with you if asked.

They love all people and other dogs but cats could be a problem. Boone is on a daily joint supplement and Lady is on a daily pill for mild incontinence. They can be left alone when you leave and have good house manners. They are happy, healthy and looking for some one that they can love. They love to give kisses and are very affectionate but will not pester you.

Lady & Boone

Boone & Lady



Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location E Bridgewater, MA Posted 08/01/2010
Megan and Molly came from a woman who is faced with the re-homing her ailing parents beloved pets. One dog is a springer the other a beagle. Megan is a 7 year old spayed female who is a love. The beagle, Molly, is also a 7 year old spayed female. These dogs have been together since they were puppies and we are hoping to find a home for them together.
Megan & Molly - Adopted!



Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location E. Bridgewater, MA Posted 07/21/2010

I am a 9 year old, gentle, petite girl who is an owner-surrender due to divorce. My foster mom says I am really unsure and shy in new situations so it takes me a little while to warm up but with time I overcome my shyness and will seek your affection and become quite a friendly girl.  I am content just hanging out and don’t ask a lot.  I am ever-so-easy-to-live-with and would like to keep moderately active with my family.

I am gentle, accepting of other dogs, great with kids and cats.  I am very, very, happy to sleep under your bed (but will sleep in a crate if I have to).  I am calm in the house, rarely bark and do not get up on the furniture.  I love to play tug-of-war with my Springer foster sister, I am a great sharer of toys, food, bones and don’t have one bit of aggression.  I do “sit” and “shake” for treats.

I can be a bit mischievous so beware of things left on the counter as I am inclined to be a bit of a counter surfer.  I am not quite sure why this is a big no-no, I am just trying to keep the counters clean!   I would like to remain in the kitchen when food is being prepared, but I am easily directed into the other room and watch from the doorway.   I am also very curious to see what goodies may be hidden in the trash, I was caught a few times peering into the trash, but now it is kept out of sight so as not to tempt me when I get the munchies.

I get so excited and frisky (I bark and turn around in circles with anticipation) if I know I am going for a walk or ride. I love to ride in the car and love to ride “shot gun” or lay my head on my foster mom’s lap; I walk nicely on a leash.   I am housebroken although I do not signal my need to go out, but I am taken out on regular intervals, so I have had no accidents in the house. 

I am in overall good heath for my age, can navigate stairs with ease and love to go for long walks.  I have tested positive for Lyme and a UTI, but I am on medication that is working very well.

So if you are looking for the most wonderfully awesome companion, with a spectacular demeanor, who is mellow but peppy, and not obtrusive – that’s me – Cocoa!!!!!!!!
Cocoa - Adopted!

Sex Male Color Black & White
Location Dudley, MA Posted 07/21/2010

Bailey is a handsome and mature 7 year old Springer who reportedly had a life of neglect and fear prior to his rescue by NEESSR. Despite his past, Bailey is a big, mushy, love who will steal your heart especially when he performs his special dance. He is a gentleman with other dogs and is fine with cats.

He is eager to please and obedient. Bailey will make a great companion and furry family member. He does not like to let go of things he has in his mouth. His foster mom is working with him to teach him to "drop it" in exchange for a yummy treat. Because of this Bailey needs an adult only home. He is a love bug and content to stay by your side.

Bailey - Adopted!

Sex Male Color Black & White
Location RI Posted 07/08/2010

Courtesy Post - This dog has not been evaluated by NEESSR.

Barney was found in an abandoned warehouse and brought to a NYC shelter. Due to his age and some minor medical matters, he was scheduled to be euthanased but as fate would have it, one of our volunteers was at the shelter picking up another dog and saw Barney. It was love at first sight and she knew she had to save him. Barney had a double eye infection, ear infection and was badly matted. He is on medications for his infections and is now sporting an adorable new hair cut! Barney is approximately 7 years old and will require some simple daily eye drops for his chronic dry eye. He is wonderful with dogs, cats, and humans alike. He's a total mush just waiting for someone to love him with their heart and soul!

**Update from Barney's foster Mom**
Barney is a very sweet boy and not destructive at all. He is completely housebroken. He walks pretty well on leash and has a low energy level. He gets along fine with my dogs, although he is not interested in playing. No issues with thunder storms or fireworks.

Please go to for full details.

Barney - Adopted!

- Barney
Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location Milo, ME Posted 06/22/2010
Amber is a fit and active 11 year old. A petite 40 pounds, she is quiet and affectionate and loves riding in the car, walks in the woods and swimming and enjoys an after-dinner chewy. When outside off-lead she is happy to remain by your side. She would like to be your constant companion but will also lie contentedly on the couch or in a crate if left alone after fussing just a few minutes. At night she has been sleeping loose in the house but will also sleep in a crate if asked to. She arrived in rescue with her 8 year old son, Rocky, but would probably be OK if adopted out separately. She is interested in chickens and other livestock but has shown no inclination to chase them. She has also ignored the cat she shares her foster home with. She has been fine with her foster mom's four Springers. She is over-coming a mild ear infection and some itchy skin but otherwise is the picture of health and no doubt has many happy years ahead of her. She is perfect for anyone desiring a quietly affectionate senior with many kisses to give.
Amber - Adopted


Amber with Ethel

Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Milo, ME Posted 06/26/2010

Rocky is a lovable, goofy, sweetly affectionate and playful 8 year old. Sitting for hours with his head in your lap would be pure bliss for him. Like his mom he loves riding in the car, walks in the woods and playing in the water. He has also become quite attached to an oversized tennis ball he found in his foster mom's dog toy box and proudly parades around the house with it with a typical Springer woowoowoowoooo. To me, Rocky is a perfect example of true Springer temperament. He is mildly interested in his foster mom's cat but has shown no inclination to chase her. He has been left both loose and crated with no fuss. He does seem somewhat attached to his mom, Amber, but his desire to be loved and to please seems uppermost in his needs. He has been fine with his foster home dogs. Like Amber, he has not shown any interest in going upstairs. He is currently being treated for ear and skin infection but seems to be healing nicely. This boy has a lot of love to give.

See his writeup on the Special Needs page.

Rocky - Adopted



Color Liver & White
Location Dudley, MA Posted 04/25/10

Chocolate AKA Chollie is a 7 year old cutie who was turned into rescue last year with a horrible flea infestation. As a result, Chollie was put on steroids which counteracted her usual sweet, loving temperament. Once off steroids, Chollie's usual sweet and loving nature returned. Her skin condition caused by the fleas has been resolved and her beautiful fur coat has grown back. Chollie cannot ever be on any steroids, in any form, in order to maintain her well being. Chollie is also a dominant female and prefers the company of submissive siblings. She is great with all size submissive dogs of both genders. She is a furry, cuddlebug who loves nothing better than to snuggle up close to you on the couch or in bed. She also loves to be by your side and supervise whatever you may be doing. She does not like to be alone and prefers the company of other animals and human friends.

Chocolate - Adopted

Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Lancaster, MA Posted 06/29/2010
Brutus is a beautiful mature male who just turned 11. Everyone who sees him falls in love with him. He is a very relaxed dog who is happy to supervise any outside activities or go for a nice off leash walk. . He is handsome and loving and very appreciative of any affection he gets. He came to us with a hernia and skin condition and now he is all fixed up and ready to go. He loves cats, he would just like to be the only dog. He would be a great companion for anyone and would love to be someone's only dog.
Brutus - Adopted!

Sex Male Color Black & White
Location Orono, ME Posted 06/06/10
Hi, I'm Shadow and I really need a loving family as I've had a rough few months.  I was found on a freezing cold February day at a fair ground.  A very nice man took me home, but he has two little girls and the younger one frightened me because I am 90% blind, and I nipped at her.  The man decided that I should leave, which was very sad.  I got along well with his 9 year old daughter and his cocker spaniel.  Next I went to a foster home where one of the other dogs fought with me, so I had to be moved again.  Learning my way around all of these houses and meeting all of these new people and pets is hard for me.  I'm about 4 years old and a very laid back boy.  I stick like glue to my humans because of my sight problems and I'm very affectionate.  I would REALLY like to find a Forever Home where I could stay.

Shadow - Adopted

Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Hopkinton, MA Posted 05/27/10
Bogie and his brother Bentley were surrendered when their owner could no longer take care of them. He's a friendly boy who loves human attention. He had surgery on his shoulder to remove a fatty tumor the
size of a baseball (Please see his writeup on the special needs page). He has always been with another dog, is fine with children, and unknown with cats.
Bogie - Adopted