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Location Pascoag, RI Posted 10/01/16

Hi I am Manny! I am an 11 year young little cutie. I'm active, and very sweet. I hate to brag but, I'm told by everyone I meet that I'm just absolutely adorable. I love people and kids are ok. I like other dogs. I don't know much about cats. I even like baths! I will melt your heart with the power of my amazing eye contact and sweet little face. And when I put my paw on your knee you will see that resistance is futile!
While I am pretty good on a leash and like walks but by far my favorite thing of all is to curl up on the couch and settle in to watch a good movie, popcorn a plus! So if you're looking for adorable, lovable with a dash of swagger… I'm your guy! Do I smell popcorn?

Now from his foster Mom...yes, Manny is a charmer! He's a beautiful little 38 pound boy. He's very agile and active and can be a little hyper. He needs help calming down sometimes. He's not a fan of being crated. He is hard of hearing and maybe developing a cataract in his left eye but he sure seems to see well enough. But because of his hearing I've started working with him with hand signals and light touch and he responds very well. He doesn't seem to particularly like any toys. He can be a food monster and he will definitely let you know when he wants something or your attention with the big loud bark! When he does get excited he tends to bark but it's not hard to redirect that. He needs to learn a little patience in a few bits of etiquette but he's coming along nicely. He's actually a fun dog to work with. He is very interactive and really does want to please. He has some separation anxiety and has moments of anxiety if he thinks he's lost sight of you. If you walk out of the room and he doesn't hear you he can panic when he realizes you're gone. So give them a little touch with your hand for fair warning. Someone who wishes to take this little sweetie in and give him all the TLC he deserves will be blessed with his love and an adorably sweet companion.

Manny has many lumps and bumps that are with the exception of one deemed to be non-dangerous lipomas. He will be undergoing surgery on one lump that has been determined to be a mast cell tumor and it will be removed hopefully back to safe margins and once he has a clean bill of health will be looking for that couch to curl up on maybe with you!

11/14 - Manny is ready now for a forever home after having his tumor taken care of. His foster mom's impressions after having him awhile.

Manny is a love bug and his greatest priority is human companionship. He has a good deal of separation anxiety. His new home should have someone home most of time especially in the first weeks as well as someone patient and knowledgeable in working with this issue. In time it should resolve.
His Second priority is food. I believe he has been quite spoiled in the past and can be quite obsessive and very vocal when he wants food. I also feel that he was under fed and so he seems to be in a constant state of hungry. He can be underfoot while cooking and a bit of a counter surfer, word to the wise. So again patience Will be a virtue that will go along way with Manny. But he is a basically submissive little guy and he will yield to training and new behavior well.
Manny can also be hyper yet he's not really an outdoor dog and for a springer he doesn't seem to require a lot of exercise. But he will walk happily on a leash (best on Easywalk harness) with his people and equally as happily settle down for a nap upon return. I have not yet found a toy that he really likes. He is good with other dogs but I don't think that is a necessity as he is truly focused on people. Although the right canine companion could help in regards to the separation anxiety. He loves visitors and strangers. And I believe it would be good with older children. I honestly think he has what it takes to be a therapy dog. He loves to snug up on the couch, he loves to curl up at your feet in bed. He is a readers delight as he loves to cuddle when you pull out a good book. As he is a little hyper in the car, I crate him whenever he travels with me. We are still working of his basic skills. Anyone interested in Manny should know that he is hard of hearing so body language and hand signals are important.
But all in all honestly he is one of the cutest and sweetest dogs I've ever met. And there is lots of love in this little 36 pound dog. Cupid never had a more affective a little cherub than Manny!

Please see his writeup on the special needs page.

Manny - Available
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Location Pascoag, RI Posted 08/12/16

Though the diligent efforts of our wonderful foster, the team at Tufts Vet School and Chelmsford Animal hospital our 3 year old Robby is a new man. He is no longer afflicted with skin problems caused by food allergies, and he looks and plays like a puppy again. His food is more expensive than regular premium kibble, but it’s not that outrageous for what it does for him. Robby is ready and needing a forever home. He still is a shy boy, but also very active so he needs a home with a fenced area to run around in and other dogs to keep him company or someone home most of the time. Somewhere out there we know there is a home that Robby would do well in, is it yours?

Please see his writeup on the special needs page.

Robby - Available
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Location Pascoag, RI Posted 06/22/16

Dembe is a one year old male fieldy- very sweet and loving. Unfortunately he has very severe problems in two hips, causing a great deal of pain. You can see from his photo, Dembe would like to be a very active boy! His activity must be greatly restricted presently because of his hip condidtion. It will take quite a long time to correct this problem - luckily Dembe appears very happy in his NEESSR foster home.

Please see his writeup on the special needs page.

Dembe - Available
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Location E. Bridgewater, MA Posted 09/14/15

Sadie is a 2.5 year old liver and white springer who recently arrived at her NEESSR foster home. She does have a history of being quite reactive so her foster family will be dedicating a lot of time to working with her and addressing this issue. We will update as we know more about her and also announce when she'll be available for adoption.

09/06 - 2016 update. Sadie is pretty good at general obedience skills. She is a strong dog with an excitable personality so we use a Easy Walker type harness when walking her. She can still pull if not reminded to go easy. She will always be considered reactive dog more so in situations involving new people and dogs entering her space. She is much better once she is introduced to others in a slow positive manner. She is a far cry from the dog that came to us a year ago yet she will require a special kind of person to continue her work. Although she may have a much lower tolerance level to situations we take for granted like narrow closed in spaces and strange people in her space, Sadie is exceptionally good at communicating her discomfort. Sadie will need a special person or couple that will not feel the need to push her tolerance level or dominate her, Positive reinforcement works very well in her training.and assisting in desensitizing her to with meeting new people.

I need to mention that the family will need to be able and willing to have a few meet and greets with Sadie and me in order to be sure they can help her transition well. This would mean the family would have to reside fairly close to East Bridgewater MA. Sadie also needs to live in an adult only home.

Sadie - Adoption Pending
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Location Hudson, MA Posted 10/31/16

On Saturday morning, our newest NEESSR dog, Penny, was transported across Vermont to meet her new foster parents. They reported that the trip went well and Penny and their dog Nessa were getting along fine. They added that “Penny’s a real sweetheart”.

Please see her writeup on the special needs page.

Penny - Pending Medical
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Location Pelham, NH Posted 11/04/16

Hi my name is Houdini or Hootie.
I love to be by your side or at your feet while you sit and relax
I get along with other dogs and cats. My foster family has two cats. They leave me alone and I do the same.
My foster brother is 8 and he and I get along great.
I love going for car rides and I'm working on my walking skills. I am a big guy and forget how much I can pull without trying

Houdini is a wonderful, 9.5 year young springer that craves attention and loves to be by your side. He is a big boy at 65 lbs. He is very good traveling in the car and is great with other dogs and gets along with cats. He will bark at anyone coming to the door, but is friendly and calms down after a short time. He does have some separation anxiety and will bark and whine when you leave, but he will calm down after a bit. He can be left alone and is not destructive. Hootie is playful and likes to play tug and play with toys. He is not great on a leash but we are working on that, so he should wear a harness when out for better control of him. Because of his size he may not be good with small children.

Houdini - Adopted!
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Location Everett, MA Posted 10/23/16

Lilly wants to say hi! She’s our latest addition to NEESSR’s available springers. Lilly is a 7 year old black/white snuggle bug that wants to be your lap warmer. She’s not good with other dogs or cats in her house so she’ll need to be your only shadow. Lilly has been recuperating from gum surgery to remove a small mass, but has been cleared to go to a new home. She’s pretty much a normal springer without much training, she does know sit and loves treats. She also likes walks, pets, a back scratch, chew toys, and an occasional belly rub. Lilly would love to be running around your yard!

Please see her writeup on the special needs page.

Lilly - Adopted!
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Location Whitman, MA Posted 01/06/16


Grady is a 46 lb black and white senior springer boy. We are estimating his age to be ten - but its just a guess. He was found wandering as a stray and brought to an animal shelter. The shelter folks gave him his name and took great care of him until NEESSR placed him in foster care.

Grady is a very sweet boy who needed a fair amount of medical attention.

Grady - Adopted!
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Location Northborough, MA Posted 09/04/16

Pretty Girl is an 11 year old blind springer - just arrived at her NEESSR foster home. We'll update with info once her family has gotten to know her

Please see her writeup on the special needs page.
Pretty Girl

Pretty Girl - Adopted!
Pretty Girl
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Location Limerick, ME Posted 06/20/16

Casco is a 9 year old 65lb. fieldy. He has just arrived at his foster who will need time to get to know him and have a possible knee injury examined/diagnosed to see if surgery is required.

Casco - Adopted!
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Location Douglas, MA Posted 05/31/16

Chace is a six year old liver and white springer spaniel. He has been adopted!

Chace - Adopted!
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Location Nashua, NH Posted 05/31/16

Mason is a sweet three year old boy. He has been adopted!

Mason - Adopted!
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Location Pelham, NH Posted 02/15/16

JUST ARRIVED! Rockstar recently arrived at his NEESSR foster home. He is a 41 lb 4.5 year old springer. Rocky is a rather anxious boy. His foster family will need some time to get to know him. We'll provide more information when available.


Rockstar - Adopted!