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Location NORFOLK, MA Posted 04/17/17

MASON IS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! Mason is an 8 year old 45 lb liver/white neutered male who needs a quiet home without children or other pets. His foster family describes him as " a fabulous dog in many respects. He is calm but always up for a walk or going outside in the yard. He interacts well with visitors (no jumping) and is in good health."

Mason will need either a securely fenced yard to run in or an adopter committed to regular leash walks. He cannot be loose in an unsecured area as he is NOT good with other dogs. He MUST BE THE ONLY PET IN THE HOME. Also he can be barky when left alone. He'll need a home where this behavior will not pose a problem.

NOTE: Mason had CCL repair surgery on his right leg in 2014 and does have some arthritis.

Mason - Available
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Location Pascoag, RI Posted 08/12/16

UPDATED 12/30/2016

Through the diligent efforts of our wonderful foster, the team at Tufts Veterinary Hospital and the Northern Rhode Island Animal Hospital, our 3 year old Robby is a new man. Diligent adherence to a medicated bathing regimen and use of medicated sprays as well as strictly restricting Robby’s diet to a specific prescription dog food has helped greatly to control his skin issues. However, he must be carefully monitored and still needs the attention of a dermatologist to address flare-ups from ichthyosis and allergies.

Robby is ready and needing a forever home. His adopter would need to continue the attention to Robby's skin issues that NEESSR initiated. Robby is a shy boy, but also extremely active. We are only considering homes with securely fenced large yards. Another dog in the home to keep him company and to play with would be a bonus. Somewhere out there we know there is a home that Robby would do well in, is it yours?

Please see his writeup on the special needs page.

Robby - Available
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Location Pascoag, RI Posted 06/22/16

Dembe is a two year old male fieldy-very sweet and loving. Last year he had a full hip replacement funded by our rescue at Tufts on the left side with complete success. He is having some discomfort in his left knee and right hip which is being treated with medication. He would make a wonderful companion for someone who is home and has time for him--he needs basic obedience training. Because of his his replacement, his activity level will always be moderate (not high). He is a big strong boy-64 pounds and the vet would like to see him lose about 10 pounds to make it easier on his joints. We are looking for a home that will work with him and help him become the wonderful companion he can be.

Please see his writeup on the special needs page.

Dembe - Available
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Location Pelham, NH Posted 11/04/16

Hi my name is Houdini or Hootie.
I love to be by your side or at your feet while you sit and relax
I get along with other dogs and cats. My foster family has two cats. They leave me alone and I do the same.
My foster brother is 8 and he and I get along great.
I love going for car rides and I'm working on my walking skills. I am a big guy and forget how much I can pull without trying

Houdini is a wonderful, 9.5 year young springer that craves attention and loves to be by your side. He is a big boy at 65 lbs. He is very good traveling in the car and is great with other dogs and gets along with cats. He will bark at anyone coming to the door, but is friendly and calms down after a short time. He does have some separation anxiety and will bark and whine when you leave, but he will calm down after a bit. He can be left alone and is not destructive. Hootie is playful and likes to play tug and play with toys. He is not great on a leash but we are working on that, so he should wear a harness when out for better control of him. Because of his size he may not be good with small children.

Houdini - Adopted!
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Location Everett, MA Posted 10/07/17

ZAX HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Zax is a one year old 30 lb love of a boy. He is a spaniel mix. Don't ask us what the mix is - your guess is as good as ours. We can tell you that he is 100% sweetheart! He loves to play with the young springers in his foster home. He is very good with children. He sleeps in his crate at night and is crated when his foster family is not home (which isn't often). Zax is not overly barky, but is happy to join in when the other dogs get to singing. His foster mom is working on his skills. Recall is coming right along as is leash walking.

Zax would do best with an active family who can give this happy-go-lucky pup the time he needs. We will only consider an adopter who is home a good deal of the day. NOTE: NEESSR does not adopt to families with children under the age of 5.

If interested in Zax, please check out our adoption policies & process and then complete an adoption application.

Zax - Adopted!
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Location Bradford, MA Posted 05/20/17

This is Emoji, a very high energy 9 month old neutered male Springer/Brittany mix from a hunting type breeder. Emoji needs lots of exercise, a fenced in yard and consistent training/direction to improve his manners, as he can be very pushy in his attempts to get what he wants, but he’s also very smart and food motivated so re-training him should work. He will be a project but the end result should be very rewarding. Emoji is currently fostered in Bradford, MA.

Emoji - Adopted!
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Location OLD TOWN ME Posted 05/20/17

MASON HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Mason is available for adoption. He is a 5 year old 50-ish lb liver and white springer. Mason has the energy level expected of a 5 year old springer. He has nice manners - no counter surfing, and only a little barky. Mason loves being petted and loved. He is a very smart boy. His foster family reports that he picked up on the difference between "lets go to the back door" and "lets go to the front door" within hours of arriving at their home! His foster is working on his leash walking and has made great process using an Easy Walk harness.

NOTE- MASON MUST BE THE ONLY DOG IN THE HOME (no exceptions!). If you are looking for a loving companion to be your one and only dog, Mason might be your fella.

Mason - Adopted!
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Location Washington Depot, CT Posted 01/16/17

Meet poor Harley, an almost 6 year old/55lb. boy, who has come into the rescue suffering from severe skin problems. The poor little man is missing most of his fur and still scratching, but he is wagging his tail and happy to be in his foster’s home. Harley has a vet appointment tomorrow to see how best to handle his condition. More later.

Harley - Adopted!
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Location Everett, MA Posted 12/16/16

Maggie Moo
Maggie Moo
Maggie Moo - Adopted!
Maggie Moo

Here’s our latest girl on the scene – 9 1/2 year old Maggie Moo! She’s a very nice friendly girl that gets along with other dogs but would prefer a home where she gets all the attention. It’s unknown if she gets along with cats. Maggie Moo is a good girl who knows sit, stay, and down. She will counter surf but if caught will get down nicely. Maggie is good riding in a car and doesn’t mind traveling. She does have some arthritis in her hips so young children playing with her would not be a good idea. She’s looking for a couch to join someone on. Is it you?

Maggie Moo is just about ready to be released onto the NEESSR available dogs list. She’s had a full vetting and all her lumps, bumps, aches, and pains checked and reviewed. At this time she does have some age related arthritis in her hips and is starting a supplement to help keep it from getting worse. December 22 she will be going back to the vet for a dental cleaning and possible tooth extraction.

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Location Hudson, MA Posted 10/31/16

On Saturday morning, our newest NEESSR dog, Penny, was transported across Vermont to meet her new foster parents. They reported that the trip went well and Penny and their dog Nessa were getting along fine. They added that “Penny’s a real sweetheart”.

Penny - Adopted!