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Location Pascoag, RI Posted 08/12/16

UPDATED 8/12/16 - Do you have a large securely fenced yard? Do you live driving distance from a veterinary dermatologist? Are you up for an extremely energetic young springer who loves the company of other active dogs and needs to spend a LOT of time with his people? Have we piqued your interest? Robby just might be the dog for you. He is a sweet and wiggly 45 lb 2.5 year old boy who came into NEESSR with serious skin issues as well as problems maintaining a healthy weight.

After many months of consults with the super dermatologist at Tufts, Robby is doing much better. It was determined that he has ichythosis (doggy eczema) as well as allergies. While these conditions cannot be cured, they can be controlled by following a rigid maintenance regimine. This can be costly, so his adopter must be prepared for this.

Its time for Robby to move onto his forever home.If you think you can offer this super loving fella all he needs, please read up on our policies and complete our adoption application: If you are already an approved adopter, please contact your NEESSR adoption coordinator or email us at

Please see his writeup on the special needs page.

Robby - Available
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Location Everett, MA Posted 09/17/16

Riley is a very large laid back 8 year old boy. He weighs in at 80 lbs!!! Riley's favorite thing is following his person around the house or yard. Riley knows sit, stay, paw then other paw. He likes walks and wandering around a fenced in yard. He gets along with other pets. If you are looking for a big friendly teddy bear Riley might be for you!

Riley - Available
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Location Northborough, MA Posted 09/04/16

Pretty Girl is an 11 year old blind springer - just arrived at her NEESSR foster home. We'll update with info once her family has gotten to know her

Pretty Girl
Pretty Girl - Just Arrived
Pretty Girl
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Location Posted 09/03/16

Charlie is a 21 month old 45lb. black/white springer who came into foster care in July. He is a beautiful, healthy, smart boy who is eager to learn and loves to play and swim. Charlie came to us because of extreme separation anxiety. While in foster care he has also exhibited resource guarding of his human's attention/affection. He will need an adopter willing to work with a behaviorist/trainer to help him. Charlie must be the only dog in an adult only home. He will need his human to be with him most of the time, so a work-from-home, stay-at-home, or retired adopter may be best. If you have the time and desire to work with a dog with these challenges, Charlie needs you.

Charlie - Available
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Location E. Bridgewater, MA Posted 09/14/15

Sadie is a 2.5 year old liver and white springer who recently arrived at her NEESSR foster home. She does have a history of being quite reactive so her foster family will be dedicating a lot of time to working with her and addressing this issue. We will update as we know more about her and also announce when she'll be available for adoption.

09/06 - 2016 update. Sadie is pretty good at general obedience skills. She is a strong dog with an excitable personality so we use a Easy Walker type harness when walking her. She can still pull if not reminded to go easy. She will always be considered reactive dog more so in situations involving new people and dogs entering her space. She is much better once she is introduced to others in a slow positive manner. She is a far cry from the dog that came to us a year ago yet she will require a special kind of person to continue her work. Although she may have a much lower tolerance level to situations we take for granted like narrow closed in spaces and strange people in her space, Sadie is exceptionally good at communicating her discomfort. Sadie will need a special person or couple that will not feel the need to push her tolerance level or dominate her, Positive reinforcement works very well in her training.and assisting in desensitizing her to with meeting new people.

I need to mention that the family will need to be able and willing to have a few meet and greets with Sadie and me in order to be sure they can help her transition well. This would mean the family would have to reside fairly close to East Bridgewater MA. Sadie also needs to live in an adult only home.

Sadie - Available
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Location Pascoag, RI Posted 06/22/16

Dembe is a one year old male fieldy- very sweet and loving. Unfortunately he has very severe problems in two hips, causing a great deal of pain. You can see from his photo, Dembe would like to be a very active boy! His activity must be greatly restricted presently because of his hip condidtion. It will take quite a long time to correct this problem - luckily Dembe appears very happy in his NEESSR foster home.

Please see his writeup on the special needs page.

Dembe - Pending Medical
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Location Whitman, MA Posted 01/06/16


Grady is a 46 lb black and white senior springer boy. We are estimating his age to be ten - but its just a guess. He was found wandering as a stray and brought to an animal shelter. The shelter folks gave him his name and took great care of him until NEESSR placed him in foster care.

Grady is a very sweet boy who needed a fair amount of medical attention.

Grady - Adopted!
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Location Goffstown, NH Posted 12/16/15

Ozzie! Ozzie is a 5 year old 49 lb liver & white springer boy who came to us here at NEESSR because of some challenging behaviors he exhibited in his prior home. He has been in his foster home now for a few weeks and was recently treated to a session with a canine behaviorist. At her recommendation, Ozzie will be going to obedience training to help overcome his reactive protective behavior. He needs a lot of basic training work so when he displays unwanted behaviors he can be more easily redirected to acceptable behaviors. His foster dad reports “Ozzie is a very sweet, loyal companion with very nice house manners. No destructive behavior, counter- surfing limited to leafy green vegetables, completely fine when left free in the home, fine with visitors, and completely house trained, even the first day in a new home. He loves his people and affection.”

Ozzie - Adopted!

Ozzie did very well in his basic skills classes and is ready to go!
***Looking for an adult-only family with no other dogs to adopt Ozzie. They must be committed to ongoing positive training to continue the work we’ve started. Ozzie will make a wonderful addition to the right family. A foster-to-adopt situation would be considered.

If you are interested in Ozzie, please check out NEESSR adoption policies and application at:

Foster application:

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Location Limerick, ME Posted 06/20/16

Casco is a 9 year old 65lb. fieldy. He has just arrived at his foster who will need time to get to know him and have a possible knee injury examined/diagnosed to see if surgery is required.

Casco - Adopted!
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Location Everett, MA Posted 06/19/16

8/11/2016 MAGGIE HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Maggie is approximately 12 years old and settling in nicely to her foster home. She suffers from severe separation anxiety, but is doing very well in foster care where she has the company of four other dogs, a cat and plenty of human companionship as well. She will be having dental surgery very soon.

Please see her writeup on the special needs page.

Maggie - Adopted!
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Location Douglas, MA Posted 05/31/16

Chace is a six year old liver and white springer spaniel. He has been adopted!

Chace - Adopted!
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Location Nashua, NH Posted 05/31/16

Mason is a sweet three year old boy. He has been adopted!

Mason - Adopted!
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Location Pelham, NH Posted 02/15/16

JUST ARRIVED! Rockstar recently arrived at his NEESSR foster home. He is a 41 lb 4.5 year old springer. Rocky is a rather anxious boy. His foster family will need some time to get to know him. We'll provide more information when available.


Rockstar - Adopted!
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Location Manchester, NH Posted 06/13/16

Courtesy Post - This dog has not been evaluated by NEESSR.

Meet Riley! He was adopted from Canine Commitment of New England as a pup and recently returned for not getting along with the other pets in the home (a cat and bunny). Riley is a Cocker Spaniel mix and almost 2 years old. Riley is crate trained, house broken, walks well on a leash, neutered and up to date on all his vaccines. We are looking for a calm home for Riley and no other pets. Riley gets along with other dogs but would do best in a home as an only. We would like Riley to go to a home with someone experienced in the Cocker Spaniel breed or previously owned one. His rehome fee is $150. Email with any questions. Applications available through our website at

Please go to for full details.

Riley - Adopted!