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Sex Male Color Tri-Color
Location La Fargeville, NY Posted 03/25/15

Rowdy is a very handsome 9 year old 43 lb black/white tri boy who would like to be the only dog in a family who is home a great deal. He walks nicely on a leash and has good recall. No surprise – because he always wants to be by your side! Rowdy wins the Velcro springer award. He is accustomed to being in his crate when left alone. He’ll happily clear your counters of anything edible (or not) – so care must be taken in that department.

Rowdy doesn't care for loud noises and he can be testy with other dogs, especially males. He had a seizure many years ago – and has been on phenobarbital ever since. No reports of additional seizures. A loving household that can provide Rowdy with a great deal of attention should look no further. Rowdy is looking for you.

Rowdy - Available
Sex Male Color Black & White
Location MSCPA-Methuen, MA Posted 08/29/15

Courtesy Post - This dog has not been evaluated by NEESSR.

FROM THE MSPCA: This sweet, gorgeous boy is Teddy. Teddy is a 6 year old, male Springer Spaniel. Teddy is a unique guy with a great personality and a tragic story. Teddy was surrendered in May to our law enforcement officer because his owner was not giving him the medical care he needed. Teddy is diabetic and needs insulin twice a day in order to live a healthy life. His owner stopped giving him insulin and he slowly became more and more lethargic and by the time he was rescued by our officer, he was emaciated and lifeless. We rushed him immediately to Angell AMC for care and over the past few months, Teddy has had his diabetes regulated and has slowly put on weight (although he will probably always be on the thin side). Most importantly Teddy has regained his spirit and his amazing, loving personality has come through. While in foster care, Teddy has proven to be the affectionate, fun gentleman we were hoping he would be when we first met him. He eagerly meets every person with glee and immediately wants to get his belly rubbed. As you can see from his photos, Teddy is a total snugglebug. Teddy is also excellent with other dogs, but a little too excited about cats to live with them. He is eagerly waiting in foster for an amazing owner to give him the new lease on life that he so clearly deserves. If you are interested in learning more about this sweet fellow, contact Mike Keiley at Pet ID: A310200

Please go to for full details.

Teddy - Available
Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Everett, MA Posted 04/10/15

MOCHA HAS BEEN ADOPTED! We apologize for not getting Mocha up on our website when he was in his NEESSR foster home - but want to share this very enthusiastic boy's photo with everyone now. Mocha is a 6 year old sweetie who needed to learn house manners as well as needing routine vetting and neutering. He is a very smart boy and acclimated quickly. He has been adopted and the photo displayed has been provided by his adopter.

Mocha - Adopted!
Sex Female Color Tri-Color
Location La Fargeville, NY Posted 03/25/15


4/25/15 CHLOE IS LOOKING FOR HER FOREVER HOME! She has been with her foster family for over a month now – and has made tremendous progress. Its time to start from scratch in describing Chloe, because her foster family now sees a new and more confident dog.

Chloe is a super sweet 38 lb 8.5 year old black/white tri springer. She is truly a cuddlebug – but her foster dad warns you that she is a bed hog! She loves to play “Fetch the Ball”, returning happily, eager to play again. She walks nicely on a leash and has good recall. Not surprising because the most important thing in Chloe’s life (besides food) is being close to her people.

Although she is extremely loving and affectionate with her people, she does not do well with other dogs. We are looking for an adult-only adoptive family who is home a lot. No other pets in the home are a must! A retired person or someone who works from home and can spend time with Chloe need look no further for the perfect companion

Please see her writeup on the special needs page.

Chloe - Adopted!
Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location East Bridgewater, MA Posted 11/28/14

Four year old River was adopted so quickly after coming into NEESSR, we didn't even have time to get his arrival posting up. Congrats to River and his happy family!

River - Adopted!
Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location Posted 12/17/14

Nellie is an energetic 19 month ESS who settled in so nicely with her foster famly - it became clear that she had found her forever home.

Nellie - Adopted!
Sex Male Color Black & White
Location Bloomfield, CT Posted 07/12/15

This handsome 48 lb boy is 8 years old. His foster family reports that he is a very nice happy-go-lucky guy, interested in everything and he has a very sweet demeanor. Rusty seeks attention and affection from his family. He walks nicely on a leash, enjoys car rides and loves his food! He is crate trained.

Rusty has been exhibiting undesireable behaviors towards another male dog in his foster home. Just to be on the safe side, Rusty will only be available for adoption to a family with no other dogs in the home. Whereas this boy does crave attention, an ideal adopter would be home a good deal of the time. If this describes you - Rusty could be your springer! If you already have an approved adoption application on file with NEESSR, please call your adoption coordinator. If not, please complete our application found at:

Rusty - Adopted!
Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location East Bridgewater, MA Posted 07/12/15

Hudson is a four year old sweetie who has been in NEESSR foster care for a short time. He is an easy-going boy and we are happy to report that an adopter has been lined up for him. We will update when the adoption has been finalized.

Hudson - Adopted!
Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location East Bridgewater, MA Posted 05/14/15

We are so happy to announce that Delilah has been adopted. She is a young fieldy who needed medical attention AND needed lots of training. She was extremely fearful and reactive when she first came to her NEESSR foster home. Her foster family did a great deal of work with her to get Delilah to the point where she was ready to move into a permanant home. The training will be continued as well as agility work to keep this smart and energetic girl happy.

Please see her writeup on the special needs page.

Delilah - Adopted!
Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Maynard, MA Posted 04/14/15

JACK HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Jack is a 50 lb 11 year old boy. He is a total sweetie and it didn't take long at all to find his forever home.

Jack - Adopted!
Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Limerick, ME Posted 03/26/15

Max is a 5 year old liver and white ESS and has just arrived at his NEESSR foster home. Max is a big boy and is on a slim-down plan with lots of excercise in his foster home. He has a vet visit scheduled; we suspect some ear issues. Max is a very loving fellow, but is quite reactive to new people and stimuli. He is getting help with this in foster care. Updates will be provided as soon as possible.

05/08 - Max's foster family worked with a behaviorist and made tremendous progress with his more undesirable behaviors. He now has very nice manners and is happily settled in his forever home!

Max - Adopted!
Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Auburn, MA Posted 03/25/15

RILEY HAS BEEN ADOPTED!! 6 year old Riley is a big liver and white boy. He does need to be the only dog in the home. Happily, soon after Riley was neutered and all medical needs addressed, Riley found his forever home.

Riley - Adopted!
Sex Male Color Black & White
Location Everett, MA Posted 03/20/15

This beautiful boy just arrived at his NEESSR foster home. He is almost 11 years old. We are listing him as "pending medical". He does have a number of medical issues we need to address and has a vet appointment all set up next week. We'll provide more information and have a detailed "special needs" write-up asap.

Shadow's foster mom reports that he is very sweet and gets along with all the other dogs in the home.

Shadow - Adopted!
Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location N. Springfield, VT Posted 01/07/15


3/14/15 We are presently addressing Shelly's medical issues. Please read about her on our special needs page.

1/11/15 Shelly just arrived at her NEESSR foster home. We can provide a bit of information now - and much more once she has been in foster care a while. She is 11 years old and pretty healthy. NEESSR treated Shelly to a day at the vets - so she could get caught up on all annual tests and vaccines. She did have some masses removed last spring - luckily there is no sign of regrowth and the vet is very optimistic about her health. Shelly loves to eat - and this 55 lb girl might need to cut down a bit on the snacks. She appears to be very happy to share a house with other dogs and cats.

Shelly - Adopted!
Sex Female Color Liver & White
Male Black & White
Location Windham, NH Posted 11/10/14

Sugar and Spice are 5 year old sisters who just arrived at their NEESSR foster home. More info will be provided after these girls have gotten better acquainted with their foster family.

Sugar & Spice
Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location Pittsfield, MA Posted 05/10/15

Courtesy Post - This dog has not been evaluated by NEESSR.


Bruno is a 7 year old Male English Springer Spaniel
I came to the shelter when my owner could no longer care for me. I lived with dogs in the past, but would like to be an only dog at this point. I am house trained. I love to go for walks and run around the fenced yard. I am energetic and have lots of nervous energy. I can be quite vocal, I may bark for attention. I am a bit on the chubby side and need to continue my diet and exercise program when I go home. I am not a big fan of car rides, they make me anxious. I would much rather stay close to home. I am smart and know several commands. Please call or stop by the shelter to see if I could be a good fit for you.


Please go to for full details.

Bruno - Adopted!
Sex Female Color Black & White
Location Nantucket, MA Posted 08/05/15

Courtesy Post - This dog has not been evaluated by NEESSR.

Miss Wiggles is at the Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals Shelter in Nantucket, MA (508-825-2287)

Miss Wiggles will wiggle right into your heart! This girl is looking for a walking partner and life companion. Her previous family loved to take her on long walks. She is a sweet 11 year-old girl. Miss Wiggles must be rehomed due to a death in her family. She is confused and sad, but still loving and sweet. She used to take many walks with her mom, and would make an easy-going companion.

Please go to for full details.

Miss Wiggles - Adopted!
Miss Wiggles