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NEESSR feels very strongly that no adoptable dog should be left behind because of medical costs. We receive donations from folks who adopt our dogs and also those who surrender their dogs. But sometimes that isn't enough to cover medical costs for a dog that needs more than routine exams, treatments, and spaying/neutering. If you would like to help us with these additional costs, please send your tax-deductible donations to the address below or donate online.

We thank you for helping us help them.

Although NEESSR, Inc. successfully rehomes many springers with "special needs", occasionally a rescue has such extraordinary medical issues or a condition that for all practical purposes makes them unadoptable. While a foster home might be able to provide long-term loving care for these dogs, with the support of our organization, it would be a very difficult endeavor for an adopter. We have created a special category for these dogs. They will be designated as Permanent Foster Dogs. NEESSR will provide lifetime care for our Permanent Fosters. We will list them on our "special needs" page and post updates. Donations for the care of these dogs would be greatly appreciated.

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Location Hudson, MA Posted 10/31/16

Penny came into NEESSR with some known medical issues. She was exhibiting pain in her right rear leg, and a ligament tear was suspected. She also had a history of ongoing urinary tract infections and some ear infections.

Penny has been treated to evaluations at Tufts for her leg as well as visits to Chelmsford Animal Hospital to address the skin and urinary issues. She is now on allergy meds for long term control of her itchy skin as well as antibiotics for the infections and meds to help with her leaking, which can lead to the UTIs.

The Tufts orthopedic consult confirmed the suspected ACL tear and corrective TPLO surgery has been scheduled. The recovery from this surgery takes quite a bit of time. Luckily her NEESSR foster family is willing and able to go that extra mile and nurse this girl through the recovery period.

We will know the expense incurred at Chelmsford Animal Hospital soon. The Tufts consult (including diagnostic testing, xrays etc) was $534. The surgery is estimated to be $3,000. Please help us out by donating towards Penny's medical care.

12/06 - Now updating with the cost of Penny's vet visits in November - $253. Total medical cost thus far is $787.

12/15 - Penny will be having the ACL repair surgery today and we'll update with news and prognosis asap. We now know the cost of the surgery is $3,855. Well worth it as it should give this girl a new lease on life!

She had a complete ACL tear and as well as complete Meniscal tear. These were repaired and the TPLO (tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy) was done. Penny will be a guest of Tuft Vet Hospital until Saturday, when she can return to her foster home.

01/20 - Penny is recovering well and just starting to walk on the leg. She will have a followup appt at Tufts on February 7 to xray the leg and make sure it's healing properly, and will start aquatherapy later in the month.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the Tufts bill for Penny's surgery came through less than expected. To date, NEESSR has spent $3,760 on Penny's medical care. Donations towards her care are appreciated!

03/06 - Penny has had three aqua-therapy and laser sessions at the Northboro Canine Rehabilitation & Fitness Center. She is doing very well on the under-water treadmill! All follow-up diagnostic reports from Tufts are very positive. She has had a few visits to the Chelmsford Animal Hospital to deal with allergies causing skin and ear problems. These recent medical expenses came to $985.

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Location Dudley, MA Posted 02/05/16

PERMANENT FOSTER DOG: Lucky is a 13 year old permanent foster with NEESSR. He is so handsome! We just couldn't decide which photo best did him justice - so decided to include both!

Last month Lucky was rushed to Tufts Foster Hospital for Small Animals because he was having difficulty breathing. He was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis, which can be corrected surgically with a Laryngeal Tie Back. A full exam and extensive lab work indicated Lucky was a good surgical candidate - so we opted to go ahead with the surgery as this condition can prove fatal.

The surgery and follow-up care has been successful. Lucky is indeed, lucky. However it did have a rather large price tag. NEESSR spent almost $2,700. Please consider a donation towards Lucky's surgery.

07/23 - Since his surgery last winter, Lucky has been doing quite well. He was treated to an annual exam with all the trimmings - senior bloodwork panel, shots, tests as well as heartworm & flea/tick preventative for another year. The cost was $542. He has developed a growth on his eyelid and will soon be having that removed. The anticipated cost is around $400. Support towards Lucky's care would be greatly appreciated.

02/22 - We are sorry to report that last week Lucky passed away in his sleep. He spent his senior years being pampered and loved by his NEESSR foster family. A huge "THANK YOU" to Michelle and Jose, who always go above and beyond in their care of NEESSR springers!

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Location Washington Depot, CT Posted 01/20/17

Bloodwork results show Harley’s liver function is fine but his white blood cell count is slightly high, while his thyroid value is slightly lower than normal. Vet thinks it’s attributable to his overall skin situation. Skin scrapings show a yeast infection. He is being put on an antifungal/anti-yeast medication for 21 days, then he’ll go back to the vet to have bloodwork done again and determine the next course of action.

Current treatment plan for Harley:

Antibiotic: Continuing with antibiotic for 10 days.
Prednisolone: Reducing the amount and tapering him off of it sooner. He’ll be on a reduced amount for another 12 days.
Terbinafine: Taking antifungal medication for 21 days.
Baths: Twice a week, with medicated shampoo.
Mousse: On the days when he’s not bathed, getting an antiseptic mousse rubbed on the affected areas, which is most of his body.

So far Harley is responding well to the treatment plan and is adjusting well to living with his foster mom.
Harley will be going back to the vet in early February to recheck everything. So far Harley’s vet bills and medicine have run $579. Please consider a donation to help defray the expenses. It will be many months and vet visits before Harley is well.

02/09 - Harley had a follow-up vet visit on 2/7 and the report is encouraging. He has a long way to go, but has made progress! His skin has improved a little. He still has yeast infections and will be on antifungal meds for his skin and ears. He'll continue to be treated to medicated baths and mousse rubs. Bloodwork was done to be sure he can tolerate the meds. The next follow-up visit will be in mid March. Harley's total vetting expenses have come to $950. Donations towards his care would be greatly appreciated.

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Location Pascoag, RI Posted 06/21/16

Dembe is a very young springer who will greatly benefit from total hip replacement surgery in one and maybe two hips. His hips are severely damaged, causing this one year old a great deal of pain and seriously impairing his ability to enjoy life as a springer should. He will initially need surgery for the left hip after which the surgeon will reevaluate whether he needs a second surgery. It is anticipated there will be a lengthy recovery period after each surgery.

To date we have brought Dembe to Tufts Cummings Veterinary Medical Center for a diagnostic work up and consult as well has having him neutered at Northern Rhode Island Animal Hospital. The post surgical care for the hip procedure requires Dembe to have extremely limited activity and to be crated whenever alone to prevent him from impeding his recovery. To help ensure a successful recovery, Dembe's foster mom met with a trainer to assess the best way to physically restrict and contain this energetic young dog while providing enough stimulation to keep him happy. So far NEESSR has spent over $700 on Dembe.

The first surgery is scheduled for next month. The estimated cost for the surgery is over $6,000! Dembe just turned one year old a few weeks ago. We at NEESSR want to give Dembe the opportunity to have many healthy years free of the pain he now experiences. His condition is much too severe to rely on medical management. Please consider helping us to help Dembe with your donation. Thank you.

07/18 - Dembe just had his hip replacement surgery today. We got a call from Tufts and he is awake and came thru his surgery without any problems. He will be sedated for the next few days to keep him quiet and then home for 6 weeks in the crate with leash walking only. Please consider helping us help Dembe with your donation.


07/23 - Dembe is now recovering from the hip surgery. We are hopeful that he'll have a smooth recuperation and then will be evaluated to see if a second surgery will be needed. The actual cost of the surgery came out to be a little less than anticipated. Of course the generous discount Tufts offers Rescue organizations helps a great deal. So far we have spent a total of $5,841 on Dembe's vetting and surgery. Donations towards this boy's medical care would be very much appreciated!

09/27 - Dembe went to Tufts for his 6 week checkup 8/30 and everything looks great! He will not need a second hip replacement and his walking therapy of adding 5 minutes per week is working! Our medical bills for him have totaled $6160 so far...thank you to everyone who has donated!

10/23 - Dembe went to Tufts for his final checkup and everything looks good! Many thanks to Tufts, his foster, and everyone who has donated. His total medical costs were $6773.

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Location Pascoag, RI Posted 02/05/16

Robby is an adorable 2.5 year old springer who has been plagued with severe skin issues and recurring ear infections for a long time. We've started addressing these problems and hope to get them under control, making Robby a much more comfortable boy!

Step one was a consult at Tufts Foster Hospital for Small Animals in Grafton, MA with a dermatologist. Lots of cultures were taken to help identify just what is going on and try to find the underlying cause. It will take a while to get the results; in the meantime he's getting meds for the infections and also being treated to every-other-day medicated baths. Robby also was caught up on some routine vetting procedures.

Robby had a sudden very serious flare up in one of his ears. A emergency trip to the Northern Rhode Island Animal Hospital was required. Meds are helping. The dermatologist at Tufts kindly consulted with the super vets at NRIA during the emergency visit.

We expect it will take time and work and, frankly, money to get Robby totally healthy. He is such a sweet dog - it will be a pleasure to see him enjoy good health! So far NEESSR has spent a little over $800 on Robby's medical care. Donations greatly appreciated!

07/23 - Robby has been diagnosed with ichthyosis, a genetic disease that disrupts the normal shedding of skin cells as well as allergies. Progress has been made controlling both conditions and Robby feels much better. The tests/vet visits and meds have cost an additional $1,100 - bringing the total to $1,877 as of 7/23/16. Please consider a donation towards Robby's care. Thank you.

10/23 - Robby is doing well...his skin conditions and ears are under control and he is off all medication. He is following a special diet, which his adopter will need to maintain. The total bill for his medical appointments, medications and food to date is $2980.

01/10 - Robby's condition has been pretty well under control with careful management. He continues to thrive on his prescription dog food. He has had a few allergy flare ups causing itchy skin and ear infections that were addressed immediately. He has been getting Canine Atopic Dermatitis Immunotherapeutic injections, which help a great deal. The cost of Robby's vetting, prescription food and medications now totals $3,403.

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Location Grafton, MA Posted 01/08/16

PERMANENT FOSTER DOG: We are afraid we were a bit hasty in previously announcing that Spooky was adopted. This ten year old girl turned out to have much more serious medical issues than originally realized. She is, and will remain with her NEESSR foster family as a permanent foster dog.

When Spooky first came into rescue she needed routine vetting as well as attention to ear & skin problems and urinary leaking that appeared to be caused by a stubborn urinary tract infection. Bloodwork, urinalysis and xrays were done to try to diagnose the problems. The cost of treatment and testing was $1730. The results indicated that Spooky might have Cushing's Disease. At that point she was brought to Tufts Veterinary Hospital for further evaluation and the diagnosis of Cushing's was confirmed. The Tufts bill has totally $850 so far.

Spooky is a very happy and energetic girl. The Tufts veterinarian has advised treating this condition medically. We are hopeful this will keep Spooky healthy for a good long time. It will, however be expensive. So far her expenses total $2580 in 2015. We will provide updates on Spooky's progress.

07/23 - 2016- Spooky continues to be very happy in her NEESSR foster home. She is well cared for and gets lots of love! She requires regular testing and medication to control the Cushings. So far this year this has cost a little over $400. Donations towards Spooky's medical care would be appreciated. Thank you!

10/23 - Spooky is doing well, Her regular testing and medication, as well as her annual physical have brought her medical costs YTD to $1735.

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Location Dudley, MA Posted 12/11/15

2015 - PERMANENT FOSTER DOG: Bailey is a 12 year old black/white springer spaniel who is a NEESSR Permanent Foster boy. This year he needed quite a bit of medical attention beyond routine care. One of his toes became very swollen in the spring. Numerous vet visits left everyone mystified as the reason for the swelling could not be determined. Multiple courses of antibiotics, needle aspiration with cytology, x-rays and comprehensive bloodwork helped rule out the likelihood of the spread of cancer. It was decided to carefully observe him and take no action unless Bailey's activities became impacted by the swollen toe. Bailey is a very active senior boy. Recently Bailey started limping and was unable to play and run about. The toe was amputated. We are waiting for the pathology results and are hoping for good news. As of 12/11/15 NEESSR spent $2,690 in 2015 for Bailey's medical care. Please consider a donation for Bailey.

07/23 - 2016 - Here we are 8 months after Bailey's toe surgery and he is faring pretty well. He has struggled with skin problems that necessitated a trip to the dermatologist at Tufts. It appears this will take some work to get under control. His foster mom is working closely with the veterinarian to help Bailey feel better. So far this cost has been just under $400. In addition, Bailey had his senior all-inclusive annual physical exam which cost $542. Bailey's vetting cost for 2016 comes to $940 as of 7/23. Donations towards his care would be appreciated.


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