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Sex Female Color Black & White
Location New England Posted 09/04/20

Elsa is a 4 year old English Springer Spaniel who has been with her NEESSR foster family for a short time now. She is an active and sweet girl. She will need to be an "only" dog in the home.

We are not accepting adoption applications for Elsa at this time as its possible she'll be adopted by her foster family. We'll update when we have more information.

Elsa - Just Arrived
Sex Male Color Tri-Color
Location New England Posted 09/27/19

Marco, a 60 lb springer, will be turning 3 years old in mid-July. He has been in NEESSR foster care since last September. He came to NEESSR with a history of seizures. We have had him under the care of a veterinary neurologist and he is on a cocktail of anti-seizure medications which only somewhat control his seizure activity.

Marco should be the only pet in a family. He needs:
• A strict medication schedule - someone will have to be home much of the day.
• Marco is rather clumsy. He needs to be monitored much more closely than your average springer. He is a big strong boy and despite training, does pull on his leash when excited. He’ll need a person strong enough to control him on a leash and sometimes assist him with stairs.
• A large fenced-in yard

Words from Marco’s present foster mom:

Marco is an amazing tri-colored boy - sweet, smart and gorgeous. He loves people, walks, balls and belly rubs. It’s an easy task to groom his beautiful coat and he loves his leash walks. Marco has only known loving homes and has been in his current foster home for six months. He needs someone to monitor his medical needs and provide a routine pill and feeding schedule. He is on a special diet to control his delicate digestive system and requires patience and care for his frequent epileptic seizures. You will be rewarded with a devoted and enthusiastic companion happy to share every aspect of your day.

If you are interested in Marco, please be sure to submit an adoption application, found at

If you are already an approved NEESSR adopter, please email with inquiries.

Please see his writeup on the special needs page.

Marco - Available
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Location Connecticut Posted 06/11/20


Heidi is a five year old liver and white springer who has been with her NEESSR foster family for a short time. We do know she must be the only dog in the household and does not tolerate doggy visitors in her home. We'll provide more information about Heidi once her foster family gets to know her better.

Heidi - Adopted!
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Location Massachusetts Posted 06/11/20


Remy is a one year old Springer mix. He has been with his foster mom for a little over a week now and it is pretty clear he has found his permanent home!

Remy - Adopted!
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Location New York Posted 03/14/20

Violet is a 10 month old puppy who has been adopted by her NEESSR foster family!

Violet - Adopted!
Sex Female Color Black & White
Location New England Posted 03/13/20


5/6/20 UPDATE: We have an approved adopter all ready to meet Davia once "non-essential" businesses are allowed to open up (due to Covid-19)

Davia is a little girl - just 37 lbs. She was a stray, surrendered to NEESSR from an animal shelter. Her age is estimated to be 5 years old. Davia is a very shy girl presently being fostered by a family able to provide needed training and able to assess her long term needs. We expect this will take time. As her foster family gets to know her better, we'll post more info about Davis.

05/06 - 2020 Davia has made a lot of progress in foster care. She is an extremely active girl and will need a family who can provide a LOT of exercise for her. She is doing better with other dogs, but we feel she'd do best as an only dog in the family.Her permanent family should not have young children or have young children visit with any sort of regularity as Davia is skittish. She does not like being groomed and will need anti-anxiety meds to help her through grooming. Davia is crate-trained. She is a typical affectionate springer who loves to be with her person and especially loves to get belly rubs!

Davia - Adopted!
Sex Female Color Liver & White
Location New England Posted 03/07/20


Sasha is a 10 year old female. She settled right into her NEESSR foster home and it looks like she is there to stay. Her foster family will be adopting her!

Sasha - Adopted!
Sex Male Color Liver & White
Location New England Posted 09/02/19


5/6/20 UPDATE: We have an approved adopter all ready to meet Hunter once "non-essential" businesses are allowed to open up (due to Covid-19)

2/21/2020 Hunter is a 5 year old 58 lb sweetheart. He came to NEESSR needing immediate surgery for a severely broken leg. Now, after a 5-month recuperation period we have the green light from the surgeon – Hunter has fully recovered and is ready for adoption!

Hunter is an anxious boy. This very well could have been exacerbated by the months spent with extremely limited activity while recuperating. We will need to give Hunter time to get acclimated to a new family by allowing for a long and gradual transition. Please read the following requirements thoroughly before completing an adoption application for Hunter.

• Live within 1 hour drive of coastal New Hampshire to allow for MANY pre-adoption visits with Hunter
• Commit to continued physical therapy treatments
• Ability to leash walk 58 lb dog multiple times daily
• Willingness to crate Hunter when left alone (he tolerates the crate fine and has been quite mischievous in the home when left alone uncrated)
• Must be home a good deal of the time (retired or work-from-home situation)
• Commit to not allowing Hunter off-leash in an unsecured area. A family with a large securely fenced yard is preferable.

Hunter needs a family willing and able to work with an anxious and excitable dog. His family will be rewarded for their patience and work with this very loving, funny and typically velcro Springer!

NEESSR adoption application:

Hunter - Adopted!
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Location New England Posted 07/28/19


Tobie is a 7 month old black & white tri colored puppy who has been in his NEESSR foster home for a couple of weeks now. He is an adorable fellow who is going to need quite a bit of socialization and training before we consider any adopters. His foster family is working with him. This is NOT going to be a quick process as socialization and training cannot be rushed.

It will be quite a while before we look for an adopter for Tobie. We'll provided updates on his progress from time to time!

Tobie - Adopted!